Egypt’s green initiative: 14 reasons why afforestation helps counter climate change



Sat, 09 Jul 2022 - 10:08 GMT


Sat, 09 Jul 2022 - 10:08 GMT

Afforestation - cc via rawpixel

Afforestation - cc via rawpixel

CAIRO – 9 July 2022: Many new and greater cities across Egypt have witnessed a lot of afforestation and tree planting as part of the nation-wide ‘Prepare for Green’ initiative aiming to turn different places into eco-friendly areas.


As the initiative adopts environmental sustainability concept, it seeks to raise awareness of the importance of afforestation in our lives, where nearly 10,000 trees were planted during the first two weeks of the campaign, which was launched during the last year.


In this report, et highlights the most important benefits of afforestation and its relationship to facing the issue of climate change:


1- The Prepare for Green initiative aims to spread environmental awareness by increasing green spaces and increasing the per capita share of them.


2- One of the most important benefits of afforestation is to preserve the environment from dust pollution, and to reduce high temperatures.


3- The tree is an oxygen factory, as it absorbs carbon dioxide.


4- Tree planting plays a key role in combating carbon increase and climate change.


5- Planting trees increases the per capita share of green spaces.


6- Planting trees fights pollution, and works to purify the air.


7- Planting trees helps to change behaviors, and urges citizens to participate in preserving the environment and natural resources, to ensure their sustainability, in order to preserve the rights of future generations.


8- The per capita share of green spaces in Cairo reaches 7 square meters.


9- The global average per capita share of green areas is about 81 square meters.


10- In the new cities, the per capita share of green spaces ranges between 11 and 31 square meters.


11- The United Nations Environment Program determines the percentage of areas needed for an individual as not less than 5.2 acres in his garden.


12- Green belts are spread throughout the governorates, especially the governorates with desert backs.


13- The state has taken care of afforestation and spreading nurseries in the governorates.


14- New cities are being built according to international environmental standards that pay attention to the color green.



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