Discussed: 7 pillars of Egypt’s Sustainable Development plan 22/23



Wed, 06 Jul 2022 - 01:53 GMT


Wed, 06 Jul 2022 - 01:53 GMT

Sustainable development - cc

Sustainable development - cc

CAIRO – 6 July 2022: The conceptual framework of the sustainable development plan for 2022/2023, submitted by the Minister of Planning, Dr. Hala Al-Saeed and approved by both houses of parliament is based on a set of basic data governing development trends and priorities.


This set of data, not only affects the rates of economic and social performance, but also corresponds to the objectives of Egypt’s vision 2030 for sustainable and comprehensive development.


In this regard, we review the most important of these data:


1- Providing and empowering opportunities on an equal basis among all spectrums of society, regions and regions is the effective way to enhance citizenship, achieve social cohesion, and address environmental disparities in levels of income and wealth.


2- The conservation of natural resources and the rationalization of their use are necessary conditions to provide the elements of sustainability for the economic renaissance.


3- Community participation is the effective tool for ensuring the dynamism of the development process, achieving inclusive growth and its desired goals.


4- Building the Egyptian person and improving the citizen's quality of life is the primary goal behind all development efforts.


5- The rational approach towards maximizing the benefit from the components of the state’s regions in light of the advantages and competitiveness of each region, and this is best approach to reduce economic and social disparities between regions.


6- The development of human resources - both quantitatively and qualitatively - and the expansion of investment in people is a fundamental pillar for achieving sustainable economic and social progress.


7- Enhancing the competitiveness of the Egyptian economy is a basic requirement for the state to occupy advanced positions on the map of the global economy and to achieve the objectives of "Egypt Vision 2030".



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