'Elimination of terrorism wasn’t merely security work': Egyptian Armed Forces spox



Sun, 24 Apr 2022 - 11:09 GMT


Sun, 24 Apr 2022 - 11:09 GMT

FILE - Spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez

FILE - Spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez

CAIRO – 23 April 2022: The spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces, Colonel Gharib Abdel Hafez, stated in a phone-in Saturday evening that the elimination of terrorism over the past years was not merely a security work, but also, a comprehensive strategy carried out by all state institutions targeting the roots of the phenomenon.


Abdel Hafez highlighted that the focus on development and improvement of citizens' living conditions has been coupled with security operations, noting that the Egyptian Armed Forces deployed tremendous sacrifices to restore normality in Sinai.  


The military spokesperson added that Egypt still fights the battle of awareness against the deliberate twisting of facts, the tarnishing of the image of successes, and extremist thought.  


In that context, Abdel Hafez clarified that security agencies psychologically and intellectually rehabilitates Takfiri elements, who surrender, after ensuring there are no charges against them.


The colonel underlined that the Egyptian Armed Forces continues to assist other state institutions with developmental works. He further underscored that a number of international reports, including United Nations ones, mentioned that the government has been working on the security, social, and developmental levels to combat terrorism.


Showcasing the role of the Border Guard Force, the spokesperson of the Egyptian Armed Forces said that the branch, in collaboration with others, played a pivotal role on cutting supplies to terrorists, securing the strategic borders of the country and that extend on 5,900 kilometers.


Abdel Hafez added that the Border Guard Force keep aborting plans aimed at putting the Egyptian national security in peril, and that is by thwarting attempts of smuggling arms, ammunitions, and drugs among others.


That is why General Commander of the Egyptian Armed Forces Mohamed Zaki, who is also Minister of Defense and Military Production, held a ceremony to exclusively honor the Border Guard Force, the spokesperson pointed out.


With regard to the Egyptian Armed Forces' contributions to development in Sinai, Abdel Hafez stated that the number of completed projects is 306, while that of under-progress ones is 137. The total cost of the 443 assigned projects is LE401 billion.  


Those projects include five tunnels, passing beneath the Suez Canal, connecting Sinai with the governorates of Ismailiyah, Suez, and Port Said. That is in addition to roads stretching on a total of 2,500 kilometers; three residential cities that are New Rafah, New Ismailiyah, and Salam Misr opposite to Port Said; social housing units; 4,100 Bedouin houses; 14 central hospitals, 16 healthcare units equipped with the most modern devices; 30 water treatment and desalination plants, including Sarabium Siphon; and, the reclamation of half a million feddans (one feddan equals 4,500 square meters).  


In a similar context, the spokesperson stated that the Egyptian Armed Forces is executing 5,200 projects in the sectors of roads, electricity, and wastewater in 184 villages lying at 10 governorates within Decent Life initiative.  


Abdel Hafez concluded by stressing the salience of security and stability in maintaining the journey of development, and backing counterterrorism efforts. He also greeted the Egyptian people on the occasions of the 40th anniversary of Sinai Liberation marking April 25, and the Eastern Easter also marking the same day this year.  



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