Egypt’s FM affirms to Blinken need to address human rights file within comprehensive approach



Wed, 13 Apr 2022 - 05:40 GMT


Wed, 13 Apr 2022 - 05:40 GMT

CAIRO – 13 April 2022: Egypt's Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry affirmed to US Secretary of State Antony Blinken the need to address human rights within a comprehensive approach that takes into account the peculiarity of communities.

As they met in Washington on Wednesday, Shoukry affirmed the need for Egypt and the US to maintain cooperation on the basis of mutual respect to enhance capabilities.

Shoukry and Blinken expressed aspiration toward advancing cooperation ties between the two countries during the coming period.

They also agreed on continued coordination to face regional challenges and curb the negative impacts of the crisis taking place in the regional and international surroundings.

During the meeting, Shoukry and Blinken highlighted the existing historic partnership between Egypt and the US that is based on mutual respect, joint interest, and developing political, economic, and cultural ties.

Shoukry urged intensifying coordination between Egypt and the US on bilateral relations and issues of mutual concern, affirming the need to enhance these relations at all levels.

The ministers expressed appreciation for this year as it marks the 100th anniversary of the Egyptian-US relations.

Earlier meetings

On Tuesday, Shoukry met with representatives of the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington so as the roundtable discussion took place tackling five areas of joint interest.

Those are bilateral economic and trade relations between the two countries; developmental leap happening in Egypt; participation of US companies in sustainable development efforts deployed by Egypt, particularly in the sector of clean and renewable energy; Egypt's vision on 2022 UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) it is hosting in November; and, the salient role of the private sector in countering climate change. 

Shoukry held two other meetings Tuesday, including one with Ambassador David Thorne, senior advisor to the US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate while the other was a roundtable at the Middle East Institute in Washington.

The talk covered Egypt’s strategic ties with the US, Egypt's perception of regional issues and challenges, and Egypt's role on the regional and international levels.

Egypt-US strategic dialogue

Shoukry visited Washington last November, during which he participated along with Blinken in the strategic dialogue between Egypt and the US, the first since 2015.

During the dialogue session, Shoukry highlighted special relations between the two countries at all levels, calling for continuing work to enhance bilateral cooperation frameworks.

This includes trade, energy, research, development, technology, higher education, cultural exchange, and health care, Shoukry said.

He added that these fields secure horizons and opportunities to deepen relations between Egypt and the US, in accordance with the distinguished relations between the two countries.

The Egyptian minister highlighted the importance of ongoing strategic partnership with the US and the role played by Egyptian-US cooperation to enhance the state’s capabilities to face challenges.

This includes cooperation in combating terrorism and extremist ideology and in supporting Egypt’s relentless efforts to achieve development to the Egyptian people, Shoukry said.

Shoukry also underscored Egypt’s pioneering role as a pillar for stability in the region, affirming the importance of ongoing cooperation with the US to achieve regional security and stability.

During the session, Shoukry also reviewed Egypt’s unwavering efforts to secure the pillars of decent life to Egyptian citizens and to enhance their civilian, political, economic, and social rights, taking into consideration each country’s culture.

He referred to the issuance of the national strategy for human rights in Egypt, which comes as a result of comprehensive social dialogue with the participation of civil society parties.

Shoukry also referenced Egypt’s decision to cancel the state of emergency recently.



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