The MoU was signed by Education Minister Tareq Shawqi in the presence of German Ambassador in Cairo Frank Hartmann.

The MoU also aims at honing vocational skills of teachers of German language.

It also offers distinguished students a chance to obtain scholarships to study German language and to participate in exchange programs.

Shawqi stressed the importance of Egyptian-German relations, especially in the field of education.

New cooperation programs with Goethe Institut should come into effect in the coming stage, the minister said, noting that those should help achieve Egypt’s 2030 sustainable development vision and the strategy of the Education Ministry.

Ambassador Hartmann, for his part, said the MoU is considered an important step toward boosting cooperation between Goethe Institut and the Egyptian Ministry of Education.

Germany supports efforts by the Education Ministry in Egypt to create an advanced system based on participation – one that meets the needs of society, the diplomat stressed.