Egypt’s CPYP hosts US Congress delegation, discuss human rights, religious freedoms



Fri, 28 Jan 2022 - 08:33 GMT


Fri, 28 Jan 2022 - 08:33 GMT

Cairo – 28 January 2022: Egypt’s Coordination Committee of Party's Youth Leaders and Politicians (CPYP) hosted, Friday a delegation of assistant to members of the US Congress at the Coordination headquarters.


During the meeting, the Coordination’s members explained their role in the Egyption political life, as they reviewed the Committee’s history of establishment and its most prominent members in Parliament and the government, as well as the contributions the Committee has made to Egyptian public life.

Replying to some of the U.S. delegation questions about the Committee’s establishment idea; the CPYP members explained that the Coordination was mainly an idea of some youth who wanted to engage actively in the political life and was not a governmental initiative.



They noted that those youth who came together to establish the CPYP had different political ideologies; however, they made several discussions and meetings until reaching a format for the current Coordination Committee, which keeps constantly developing based on its members discussions.


The American politicians also discussed with CPYP members Egypt’s progress during the past seven years regarding the religious freedoms and the human rights.

CPYP noted that Egypt has launched the national strategy for human rights, along with discussing number of important draft laws in this regard.



CPYP members highlighted the US Congress stance regarding the American aid to Egypt, despite the high level of strategic relations between the two countries, as well as Egypt's key role in the region maintaining its security and stability.


For their part, the members of the American delegation expressed their happiness to know about CPYP experience and the efforts made by its youth to bring all political views and ideologies closer, which had a positive impact on the political life in Egypt.



Attended at the meeting, CPYP members: MP Soha Saeed, Menoufia Deputy Governor Muhammad Musa, deputy governor of Beni Suef Bilal Habash, members of the board of trustees of the coordination, MP Amira Saber, MP Imad Khalil, MP Mohamed Abdel Aziz, MP Tariq Al-Khouli.



Also, member of the Coordination for the Senate Ragia El-Feki attended at the meeting along with Zaki El-Qadi, Hazem Hilal, Moamen Sayed, Mohamed El-Saedy, Ahmed Yahya, Osama Badie’, Sherif El-Refai, Justina Ramy.







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