CAIRO - 23 December 2021:The Cabinet has released a report themed "Upper Egypt on the comprehensive development map".

The report covers all details related to projects being carried out in Upper Egyptian governorates in various sectors as part of the country's all-out development plan over seven years.

The projects, which are due to be documented in a book upon the directives of President Abdel Fattah El Sisi, target all vital sectors which aim to improve the living conditions of Egyptians especially those living in Upper Egypt and the Red Sea governorate.

The report pointed out to the projects carried out in various Upper Egyptian governorates including infrastructure, health and tourism projects as well as presidential initiative "Decent Life" which aimed at improving the living conditions of people in Egyptian villages.

It also referred to projects in the fields of water, sanitary drainage, oil refineries, irrigation and development of water canals in the Upper Egyptian governorates of Minya, Assiut, Bani Sweif and Fayyoum.

According to the report, important projects such as animal wealth to increase meat production at cost of EGP 1.8 billion were carried out, in addition to other projects in the fields of higher education and health as a number of new hospitals were established to improve the health of citizens and get rid of serious diseases such as hepatitis C.

The report added that poverty rate among Upper Egyptian villages decreased after 2014 thanks to president Sisi's directives to expedite the implementation of the projects through devising a comprehensive plan to develop Upper Egypt.