Egypt’s NCW launches report on national strategy to eliminate violence against women 2015-2020



Thu, 20 May 2021 - 04:21 GMT


Thu, 20 May 2021 - 04:21 GMT

Maya Morsy, head of the National Council for Women, during an event to combat female circumcision, on the occasion of the National Anti-FGM Day which falls on June 14 - Press photo

Maya Morsy, head of the National Council for Women, during an event to combat female circumcision, on the occasion of the National Anti-FGM Day which falls on June 14 - Press photo

- Maya Morsy: The evident sincere political will is the essence of the success of the women’s empowerment agenda in Egypt.

- The National Strategy to Eliminate VAW )2015-2020(  is the first national guiding document to address VAW, in cooperation with determined government entities, non-governmental organizations and development partners.

CAIRO – 20 May 2021: The National Council for Women (NCW) launched on Thursday the "Report on the National Strategy to Eliminate VAW 2015-2020,” the NCW said in a statement.

The report aims to highlight the strategy’s most important results, showcase detailed achievements and activities implemented under each of its four pillars, since its launch in April 2015 until April 2021.

This seeks to provide a transparent tool for the public on what has been done and what the gaps are, beside explaining the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) process that took place during the strategy’s implementation period.

The report will also act as a new standing point that can be used to determine the way forward and the needed future steps to continue and build upon the previous efforts to eliminate violence and discrimination.

President of the NCW Maya Morsy mentioned that the Egyptian government has worked on accelerating progress to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of women, as set forth in the 2014 Egyptian constitution.

She noted that, during the past five years, Egypt took various steps to prioritize gender responsive implementation and legislative as well as institutional frameworks.

This was achieved through building integrated approaches to end harmful practices against women and girls, and create enabling environments for Egyptian women to contribute effectively in the sustainable development of their country.

“The best ingredient in the women’s empowerment agenda across nations is having a sincere political will and belief that women’s empowerment is a national duty,” Morsy said.

“Luckily, we have this in Egypt,” she said.

Read the full report, here!

“With such sincere political will and commitment, constitutional text that clearly states women’s rights, legislative reform, institutional transformation, adequate response services and a functioning justice system, gender equality will be enhanced and women will be able to enjoy their full rights,” Morsy added.

“I am very glad to witness such political will and determined government entities and non-government organizations (NGOs) that worked with us hand in hand, and made remarkable and unprecedented achievements to ensure the safety, social justice and equal opportunities for women in Egypt.”

“For that, I extend my sincere gratitude and appreciation to all governmental and non-governmental entities and development partners for their valuable efforts in support of the implementation of the strategy”.

The strategy, launched in 2015, is the first national strategy to be launched in Egypt to eliminate violence against women in cooperation with government agencies, non-governmental organizations and development partners with the aim of unifying efforts, and working within an institutional framework, and a clear action plan.

Morsy stated that this report comes to depict the translation of the National Strategy to Eliminate VAW (2015-2020) into reality: A safe society that guarantees protection for women, provides integrated services, and is committed to fulfilling women's rights and ensuring their effective and equitable participation in social, economic, political and cultural life.

Moreover, the report noted the most prominent achievements that have been made in the field of eliminating violence against women during the past five years.

This includes robust legal framework on violence against women to ensure social justice and protect all women equally without any discrimination against them.

This also includes providing full-fledged coordinated multi sectoral services through a national referral pathway and essential services package that ensure Egyptian women’s safety, institutional mechanisms with adequate resources, qualifying human resources for improved services, changing behaviors and raising awareness as a preventive and protective measures against harmful practices against women and girls.

Also, safer cities and safer environment for women have been provided.

After the launch of this report, several national studies that aim to compile data, statistics and information on the extent, causes and effects of violence against women shall be issued to further assess the goals, targets and new baselines using scientific methodological tools.



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