Hyundai Rotem delivers to Egypt 2 metro trains, parts to assemble another



Wed, 12 May 2021 - 12:51 GMT


Wed, 12 May 2021 - 12:51 GMT

Metro train delivered by Hyundai Rotem to Egypt in May 2021. Press Photo

Metro train delivered by Hyundai Rotem to Egypt in May 2021. Press Photo

CAIRO – 12 May 2021: The Ministry of Transportation announced Wednesday the arrival of two Korean metro trains within deals with Hyundai Rotem as well as the parts of another that will be assembled locally.




One is the ninth within a deal worth LE6.4 billion (€317 million and LE640 million) to supply 32 metro trains. The other is the first within another deal worth ($130 million and LE63 million) to supply six metro trains.




The trains of the former deal are air conditioned and will be operated on the Greater Cairo's Third Metro Line. The contract also consists of providing maintenance for eight years. Four of those entered service so as the number of trains operated on the line is now 18. It is noted that each month a train is delivered.




The latter deal includes supplying spare parts for eight years after the warranty period is over. It also provides delivering a train every month so that the last one will be received by Egypt in October 2021. The trains within that deal will be operated on Greater Cairo's Second Metro Line bringing up the total of units functioning on that line to 10. The value of the contract is funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).




Hyundai Rotem also delivered the parts necessary to assemble the second of the 10 metro trains being produced by Egypt's Semaf factory. The parts include the skeletons of the railcars, gear, chairs, and components of the railcars' interior.




Within a plan worth LE30 billion to rehabilitate the trains operating on the first and second metro lines, France's Socofer will supply Egypt in June 2021 with two metro trains that will be tested to enter service in September 2021. The value of the deal is €3.7 million, and it includes carrying out maintenance for both trains for eight years after the warranty period is over, including a huge overhaul worth €926,000.  



All of the abovementioned trains are equipped with surveillance cameras, and LCD screens to show the track maps of the lines, and ads. There are also screens on the exterior above the doors to indicate the final station of the line. Further, the railcars consist of spots for wheelchairs and means to fix them.










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