Feminist groups campaign for unified law against women abuse



Thu, 06 Jul 2017 - 09:52 GMT


Thu, 06 Jul 2017 - 09:52 GMT

Wada3 Yaad campaign official logo - Facebook page

Wada3 Yaad campaign official logo - Facebook page

CAIRO – 6 July 2017: A campaign under the title of ‘Wada’ Yad’ (Obligatory Expropriation) launched by Egypt’s feminist groups to call for a unified law criminalizing all forms of discrimination, violence against women and protecting their constitutional rights in June.

In protest of the latest draft put out by the National Council for Women (NCW) in June 2013, the groups denounced what they called "legislator’s patriarchal approach” and delay of the issuance of a unified law hampering discrimination and the patriarchy in all its forms, said the Campaign press release.


Additionally, the statement argued that the draft was outlined without a thorough participation of the organizations and groups, which take effective role in promoting women’s rights in Egypt.

Besides, the draft, the statement argued, ignores and does not truly represent the feminist vision, which has been evolved throughout the extensive fieldwork conducted with the participation of women of different ages.

"Obligatory Expropriation" a term adopted by the feminist participant groups, which reflects the status-quo of women who are perceived as property owned by men and their rights have been expropriated.


The signatures included, Ganoubya Houra (Upper Egypt’s free Woman, Dorek (Your role), Bent El Nil (the Daughter of the Nile), Ountha (A female), Wlaha Wogoh Okhra media platform, Banat Offline Radio and A Law to Protect Girls from Domestic Violence Initiative.

Sex-based violence against women is running rampant in Egypt; most recently was a heinous collective sexual assault on a college girl in Zagazig, the capital city of Sharqia, 60 km north of Cairo.



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