About Us

Egypt Today is the nation’s oldest and bestselling English-language social affairs magazine, providing features, profiles and in-depth analysis since 1979. We go beyond just the facts to provide readers with the stories behind the headlines, the stories that haven’t made the headlines and stories with unique perspectives, context and depth.

With more than 35 years of publishing excellence, we pride ourselves in quality, reliable journalism and engaging photography. Each month, the magazine offers colorful, engaging features and packages looking at vital and interesting issues. The Faces section profiles the country’s leading or up-and-coming personalities. In The Guide section, we offer the latest in food, travel and fashion. In the opinion section, three regular columnists offer their unique perspectives on an array of topics relevant to Egyptians.

Egypt Todayis published monthly in English with a wide distribution across the country, and subscriptions available to readers abroad.

Egypt Today, and its sister publication Business Today, are the flagship publications of International Business Associates Group (IBAG), founded in 1979 by the late William Harrison. IBAG has built and maintained a solid reputation in the field of English publishing, positioning itself as the most trusted and versatile media group providing information for and about Egypt.