Hend Safwat

Benzema posts photos of Egypt’s flag during his vacation in Hurghada

Wed, Jun. 6, 2018

karim Benzema leaves Egypt on Wednesday morning, after spending his annual vacation in the Egyptian Red Sea coastal cities of Hurghada and Marsa Alam.

Stories behind 9 of Egypt’s colloquial proverbs

Wed, May. 16, 2018

Nine idioms you may encounter in Egypt and the stories behind them.

Pics: Military museums open for free on Sinai Liberation day

Wed, Apr. 25, 2018

Egypt’s Armed Forces announced that the entrance to military museums would be for free on Wednesday.

Are Egyptian stray animals unfortunate to be in Egypt?

Sun, Apr. 8, 2018

Egyptian animal rights advocacy groups have intensified their efforts and campaigns over the past few years to raise awareness of animal rights after a number of high-profile cases of animal abuse. Their campaigns seem to have paid off.

History of Egypt’s flags, national anthems

Thu, Mar. 22, 2018

Every morning, Egyptian students across the nation stand up straight, facing Egypt’s flag and singing the Egyptian national anthem.

Put yourself in your mother’s shoes when you buy her gifts

Wed, Mar. 21, 2018

This Mother’s Day, get your mother what she actually wants, not what you think she needs.

6 bills, 12 landmarks, statues that made it to Egypt's money

Mon, Mar. 5, 2018

We take you through all the images on Egyptian banknotes, detailing what they represent.

Top 6 superstitions you may encounter in Egypt

Fri, Feb. 16, 2018

People all over the world have extraordinary stories and myths about the causes of bad luck, especially in Egypt.