Samar Samir

Egypt receives $13.5M grant to protect cities vulnerable to climate change

Tue, Sep. 18, 2018

The granted funds will be allocated for an eco-friendly dike system, a sheet of rock formed in a fracture of a pre-existing rock body, to create a 60km-long wall in front of the shores of Delta.

2% shortage of renewable water to increase unemployment rate

Wed, Aug. 29, 2018

The government is trying to fill the gap between water resources and consumption through working on several mitigation projects that aim at recycling and treating 25 percent of consumed water.

VICMED: A feasible bid for smooth-sailing Nile basin ties?

Sat, Aug. 18, 2018

It has been estimated that the final cost of the feasibility study of the project could reach $10 million.

EXCLUSIVE: Ethiopia asks for 5-6 yrs to fill GERD’s reservoir

Mon, Aug. 6, 2018

“The average of the Nile water flow is 84 billion cubic meters, as it is variable between 50 billion cubic meters to 140 cubic meters,” he said.

A closer look at Egypt's 1st Cairo Water Week

Sat, Jul. 21, 2018

The conference will be attended by water experts from 52 countries and water ministers from Islamic states

Head of Egyptian Jewish community: My father’s tomb was vandalized

Mon, Jul. 16, 2018

The tomb could have been vandalized by wolves, Haroun said, adding that she has called upon the government several times to build a fence around the cemeteries.

Famine Stela: A piece of Pharaonic diary

Sun, Jul. 15, 2018

The Stela demonstrates a religious conflict between Khnum priests and goddess Isis’ clergymen, said General Director of Aswan Antiquities Ahmed Saleh.

Amman not briefed on ‘deal of the century’: Jordanian amb. to Egypt

Sat, Jul. 7, 2018

“If the deal of the century does not include the establishment of Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as capital, it would be unacceptable,” Ayed told Egypt Today.