Joseph Colonna

Syria's Cold War: Iran readies to strike Israel

Thu, Apr. 19, 2018

Israel has been in a fight with Iran since the Iranian Revolution in 1979 and the rise of Islamic Republic under the Grand Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini

ANALYSIS: 'Mission Accomplished' in Syria and concealed U.S. motives

Sun, Apr. 15, 2018

What does “mission accomplished” even mean? The words are ambiguous in every aspect: what was the “mission”, and what does it mean for it to be “accomplished”?

ANALYSIS: Why U.S. won’t leave Syria, impact of Douma chemical attack

Tue, Apr. 10, 2018

Following the recent chemical weapons attack in Douma, the debate about a U.S. withdrawal has become further interlinked with the humanitarian question.

Death in Douma: Timeline of chemical attacks in Syria

Sun, Apr. 8, 2018

Footage of the attack shared on social media shows piles of lifeless bodies in rooms, corridors and stairwells, with foam visible from their noses and mouths.

OPINION: The West vs. Russia - Putin talks, but can he walk?

Tue, Apr. 3, 2018

Unleashing a nerve agent on to the streets of rural England is far from a divisive issue, and it dangerously oversteps the mark.

Turkey sits on a tightrope in Syria, threatens ISIS revival

Sun, Mar. 25, 2018

Operation Olive Branch had the opportunity to seriously strain the delicate balance of power in Syria, and the capture of Afrin city affirms Turkey’s ambitions in the long term

Turkish occupation of Afrin: The game and gamble for Syria

Mon, Mar. 19, 2018

Fifty-eight days after Ankara instigated Operation Olive Branch, the Turkish army and its allied mercenaries have raised the Turkish flag in Afrin city centre

Turkey is isolating the Kurds in Afrin, but who will ultimately be alone?

Thu, Mar. 15, 2018

Fifty-five days since the launch of Operation Olive Branch, the Turkish-led military assault has made significant gains against Kurdish positions in Afrin.