Mona Ahmed

Ifta warns against exploiting Al-Qaeda and ISIL for Rohingya Crisis

Sun, Sep. 24, 2017

The Ifta Observatory, affiliated to the Egyptian Fatwa Center, warned against the escalating crisis and persecution of Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar.

Agriculture Ministry sets up locust control plan

Wed, Sep. 20, 2017

The Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation started a pre-emptive plan in border areas to control the anticipated swarms of desert locusts.

‘Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance’ documentary in 6 parts

Tue, Sep. 19, 2017

An American company has documented Qatar’s crimes in a movie entitled "Qatar: A Dangerous Alliance".

Chinese Orchestra at Cairo Opera House

Tue, Sep. 19, 2017

Cairo Opera House to host the Chinese Orchestra next Friday September 22.

Media council bans Abdel Ra’ouf from public appearance

Mon, Sep. 18, 2017

The head of the Supreme Media Council banned Abdel Ra’ouf from appearing on television after issuing a fatwa allowing husbands to have intercourse with their deceased wives.

Rehab Omar to perform live at Cairo Opera House

Sun, Sep. 17, 2017

Cairo Opera House will host a live concert by Rehab Omar this September.

Central African Republic still on the tourist market

Thu, Sep. 14, 2017

Torn by war, military violence and bad economic conditions as it is.

EIB urges private sector to investment in Mediterranean region

Wed, Sep. 13, 2017

EIB held an international conference in Cairo called for job opportunities in Mediterranean region that should be led by the private sector.