Egyptian fennec playing – Creative Commons via Wikimedia
Egyptian fennec playing – Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Desert fox - the most adorable animal in the desert

Mon, Jun. 19, 2017
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – 19 June 2017: Your desert experience is not complete until you share your meal with a Fennec, the Egyptian desert fox. As strange as it may seem, desert foxes usually show up uninvited in groups hoping to grab a share of your camping meal.

Egyptian fox – Creative Commons via Wikimedia

Desert foxes roam around your campsite like domestic cats. However, it is a shy creature that refuses to pose for a picture. Your camera has to be ready in order to snap a shot. If one does enter your campsite though, do not be alarmed, these foxes do not pose any danger to humans.

Their unusually large ears and short fur are specifically developed for the hot Sahara Dessert. Their large ears help them listen for prey under the sand. They feed on small mammals and insects.

They are usually preyed on by the eagle owl. They avoid being eaten by burying themselves deep in the sand.
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