FILE: Tourists at the Columned Hall inside Luxor Temple FILE: Tourists at the Columned Hall inside Luxor Temple

New 2019 plan to develop, train tour guides

Sat, Feb. 16, 2019
CAIRO – 16 February 2019: Under the patronage of the Tourism Ministry, the Egyptian Travel Agencies Association (ETAA) launches Thursday its training program for 2019.

The program includes around 90 courses, two courses per week. The courses will cover all tourist activities given by experts and specialists

Among the trainers are Soha Bahgat, an adviser for the Tourism Minister; Parliamentarian Amr Sedki, chairman of the Tourism and Travel Council; and Hossam El Shaer, chairman of ETAA.

The opening ceremony of the training program started with speeches by El Shaer and Ali Al-Manstri, chairman of the Chamber of Tourism Companies, followed by a lecture about Ministry of Tourism’s plan to develop the tourism experience in Egypt, which was delivered by Bahgat. Another lecture was also delivered about the legal legislation of tourism companies by Sedki, followed by a third lecture about developing strategies and upgrading tourism companies by Professor Yasser Sheta.

The new program aims to produce 15 thousand trainees this year; especially after the Administrative Council of ETAA has increased training budget from L.E 2 million to L.E 10 million.

The Tourism Ministry gives a great priority to training tourist guides to be qualified enough and increase the service efficiency provided to tourists. The training program will not be limited for tourist guides only but it will expand to tourism companies and all sectors related to the field of tourism.
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