Decorations in Sharm el-Sheikh - Hussein Talal/Egypt Today Decorations in Sharm el-Sheikh - Hussein Talal/Egypt Today

PICS: Tourists enjoy Sharm el-Sheikh nights

Tue, Nov. 6, 2018
CAIRO - 6 November 2018: As the World Youth Forum runs in the charming resort of Sharm el-Sheikh, participants have been enjoying their free time in the city, as well as tourists and families.

Soho Square and Naama Bay and entertaining places to hang out at night after all the sea activities in the morning. They are full of dancing fountains, decorative seats, restaurants and cafes that offer free musical and dancing shows.

Below are pictures of visitors from various backgrounds mixing in Sharm el-Sheikh during the nights of the World Youth Forum. All photos taken by Hussein Talal for Egypt Today.

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