The Holy Family in Egypt. The Holy Family in Egypt.

Egypt to set tourist program to recreate Holy Family journey

Mon, May. 1, 2017
CAIRO – 30 April 2017: An elaborate dramatic reenactment of the journey made by the Holy Family in Egypt is set to be staged by an Egyptian tourist program under the supervision of Egypt’s Minister of Tourism who is already studying all aspects of the journey, Prime Minister Sherif Ismail said on Sunday.

Ismail told reporters the Tourism Ministry has devised the program to encourage tourists to visit the country to watch a unique artistic rendition of the religious story and to trace the journey’s trail that covers many Egyptian cities after Virgin Mary, Jesus and Joseph had fled King Herod’s persecution in Palestine.


The visit of Pope Francis to Egypt also sends a “message of reassurance to the entire world,” the Prime Minister said.

Egypt is also endeavoring to attract tourists from Eastern Asia and Europe, and focuses on promoting itself as a destination for those seeking medical facilities and therapeutic locales, he added.
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