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Sedon Home open for visitors in Nubia

Mon, Jan. 1, 2018
CAIRO – 1 January 2018: There is a certain comfort in travelling when you can stop acting as a tourist and act at home, instead.

In Aswan, you feel that you are in a calm and natural paradise as the Nile, mountains and huge greens surround you, but to experience Nubian life is one of the most exquisite experiences you can have in Egypt.

Nile View from Sedon Home.- EgyptToday / Doaa Farid

At a home-based restaurant carved out of a hill in Aswan, visitors have the privilege to act like Nubians as Sedon Home blends Nubia’s culture with Aswan’s natural beauty.

If you are in Aswan, it takes only 20 minutes by motorboat from Philae mooring toward the south to reach Sedon Home. On your way to Sedon Home, let your eyes trace the beautiful colorful walls of the village’s houses along the bank of the Nile.

Once you see a house built out of sand, clay and stone, holding an arched roof covered with red and green stalks, then you have arrived at Sedon Home. The place’s walls are covered with flowers to give an example of the simple and attractive decorations of Nubian homes.

Gate to the Nile From Sedon Home.jpeg - Egypt Today / Doaa Farid

Sedon Home is a restaurant and café owned by a Nubian family who wanted to utilize a part of their home to increase their income.

food Cooked over the Nile.- Egypt Today / Doaa Farid

Sedon Home, named after the family’s father Sedon, offers a full and satisfying service that ranges from Nubian plates and dishes that are well cooked upon your arrival to traditional beverages like Nubian tea. Also, the serving staff there, who are the family members, dress in Nubian traditional clothing.

Sedon Home is a two-story building where you can sit on the second story and enjoy a panorama view of the Nile and Philae Temple, while you can also bask in a refreshing breeze in the first story.
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