Snow in the town of Saint Katherine, Sinai Egypt – Pixabay  Snow in the town of Saint Katherine, Sinai Egypt – Pixabay

Guide to New Year’s Eve treks

Tue, Dec. 26, 2017
CAIRO – 26 December 2017: As a festive way to happily end the current year and cheerfully open a new chapter in the upcoming year, here are some amazing places to visit for a unique New Year’s Eve.

1- Bab El-Donya trek:

View of Jebel Bab El Doneya March 12,2008 – Wikipedia

This trek is organized by The Hiking Club – an online club for organizing short trips to explore Egypt – on December 29, 2017 for 2 days/3 nights at Jebel Bab El-Donya, one of several ranges giving a stunning view of the Gulf of Suez .

The Bab El-Doneya trek is a new adventure where you can climb Jebel Bab El-Donya, hike among grass and green desert plants nestled between the rocks of the mountain, and take in the clear weather from Ein Najila Spring at the foot of Jebel Bab El-Donya.

It costs only EGP 1,950 ($109.3) to include transportation in A/C private bus, cook, Camels, registration fees and two night of camping under the stars.

For more information you can visit The Hiking Club Facebook page.

2- Heissa Island in Nuba, Aswan trek:

Philae island, Aswan – Wikipedia

This trek is hosted by Egypt Hiking community, which organizes many hiking activities all over Egypt.

The plan includes spending four nights at Nubian House on Heissa island.

This trek is different, as you can live the Nubian life and get in touch with their culture and daily habits.

Heissa Island lies in the reservoir of the Old Aswan Dam along the Nile River in southern Egypt. It is the present site of the relocated Ancient Egyptian temple complex of Philae.

Here, you can relax by the Aswan’s Nile during a boat tour of Lake Nasser. Also, spend unforgettable moments at Cataract Hotel before taking lunch at Anakato Hotel.

It is only EGP 2,900 ($163) to enjoy an amazing night. This cost includes accommodation with meals for four nights in the Nubian guest house on Heissa Island, a kayak tour in the Shalal area around the island and all transportation during the trip except transportation from Cairo and back.

For reservations and more information, you can visit the Egypt Hiking Community Facebook page.

3- El-Dakhla Oasis trek:

View of Old town in Dakhla Oasis – Pixabay

This two-day trip organized by Astro Trips, an Egyptian travel agency, from December 28-31, 2017, gives you a great opportunity to have a closer look at El-Dakhla Oasis, which lies west of the Nile River between Cairo and Luxor. In the past, El-Dakhla was a fertile land producing fruit and grains.

But now the oasis invites you for more activities, such as hiking, bird watching, enjoying the Bedouin life and swimming in hot springs.

($128.9) 2300 EGP is the total coast for and endless enjoyment during El- Dakhla trek to include accommodation, transportation, three meals a day, Safari program and Bedouin party.

4- Mount Saint Catherine trek:

Outlook of Saint Catherin mountain – Pixabay

New Year’s Eve is a magical time at Mount Saint Catherine, which is the highest mountain in Egypt located southeast of St. Catherine Village in Sinai Peninsula that will have you overlooking the entire country from the top. Also, you can climb it over three days this week from December 31, 2017 to January 2, 2018.

This trek is brought to you by Mount Dream, online event organizer, for only EGP 950 ($53), as you can climb the mountain until you reach the summit where you take in a spectacular view over Sinai region.
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