Photo of Egyptian attractions and SanRemo newspaper article – File Photo Photo of Egyptian attractions and SanRemo newspaper article – File Photo

Italian exhibition present ‘Me, Egypt and Nuba’

Sun, Oct. 15, 2017
CAIRO - 15 October 2017: “Me, Egypt, and Nuba,” a 3D promotional documentary, premiered on Sunday in Italy showing captivating attractions throughout Egypt.

An Italian exhibition debuted a 3D promotional documentary movie about Egypt and Nuba Sunday from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., according to the Italian newspaper SanRemo.

The movie was mainly showcased to entice Italian tourists to visit Egypt in the near future.

The documentary was screened to give the impression of walking inside the sites.
Nuba Exibition - CC

According to SanRemo, the movie expected audience and fans who are passionate about photography, travelling to distant places and treasures will surely be amazed by the marvelous scenic views, which Marco Andrighetto; the Italian photographer, spared no effort to collect while being in Egypt and especially Nuba from 2006 to 2016.

Along the journey, spectators are taken to visit and enjoy some of the most attractive sites.

The journey starts with Cairo and the most visited temples throughout Egypt at Dendera.

Then it goes through the Valley of Kings; ranking atop of Italian tourists most attractive destinations, and continues to the Coptic necropolis at Kharga’s Oasis.
Pyramids - CC
Accompanied by aharmonious music background, the thousand wonders sentimental journey shows Egypt’sbreathtaking white desert where zoomorphic and anthropomorphic silhouettes carved in limestone rock by pharaonic sculptors.

After crossing Siwa village and seeing ancient Berber culture, visitors are forwarded to Nuba, the ancient kingdom of Kush, where 3D images continue to give the impression of traveling to very distant sites.
Hatshpsut Temple - CC
Promotional videos and documentarieshave acted as key factors promoting tourism. Egypt has recently won the World Tourism Organization Prize participating with a promotional film titled "This is Egypt." It is an eighty second film that featured mesmerizing scenes of unique tourist attractions in Egypt, highlighting the diverse range of tourist activities available in Egypt and the different types of tourism in Egypt that can be enjoyed; including cultural, leisure and marine tourism.

“This is Egypt" was chosen as Best Tourism Promotion by the Golden City Gate Award, on the sidelines of the International Tourism Exchange in Berlin (ITB) held last March.
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