Chameleon  - Amr Salah Chameleon - Amr Salah

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Wed, Sep. 13, 2017
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - 13 September 2017: Capturing wildlife in an image could be captivating and eye-opening.

Reptiles are one form of life that serves the planet tremendously and is important for the balance of nature. Although some are life-threatening for human beings, others are just a beautiful creature to watch crawling.

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Chameleon - Amr Salah

The beauty is in their skin tone and texture. This is specifically found in those that have the ability to camouflage. Captured here is one Chameleon standing on sand and imitating its colors perfectly.

We thank reptile lover Amr Salah for sharing his photo with us. Find more of his work on his Facebook page



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