A crafted piece - Yadaweya A crafted piece - Yadaweya

Ancient art alive and kicking in Nuba

Tue, Aug. 8, 2017
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt - 8 August 2017: From the simplest gifts of life, palm leaves, people of Nuba, upper Egypt are crafting beautifully made containers making a value to other wise left to decompose leaves from the surrounding.

Thanks to Yadaweya for sharing their videos with us, find more crafts and videos on their page https://www.facebook.com/yadaweya/ .

Nubia is known for its authenticity, love of beauty and surviving from the environment. The whole city is bright with vivid colors in every aspect of their life, from clothes to buildings.

Watch as the Nubian girls are crafting their pieces here, while dressing up in the cultural dresses of their own.

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