Matrouh city in Egypt –Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Fayza Matrouh city in Egypt –Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Fayza

Agiba beach is literally a miracle

Thu, Jul. 27, 2017
CAIRO – 27 July 2017: Essentially Marsa Matrouh was called ‘Amunia’ after the ancient Egyptian god ‘Amun’ as it had a temple of him; a temple that was often visited by the one and only Alexander the great himself, who was said to have built the city in his age.

Also Cleopatra had a palace that overlooked her basins there (known as Cleopatra Beach today). Apparently Matrouh has the historical side covered with so many tourist attractions you could spend weeks before you finish, but today we have only one gem in particular from Matrouh;

Agiba Beach, Marsa Matrouh – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/La Rosa

The famous Marsa Matrouh beach, Agiba, is so visually stunning that Egyptians called it “A Wonder”. Agiba’s shades of blue and the various colors of the seabed make it all the way better; leaving you not only with a great summer resort but also with enjoyable scenery that you can just sit and enjoy watching.

Marsa Matrouh City in Egypt on the northern coast of the Mediterranean – Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons/Fayza
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