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Hurghada attack will not affect German tourists to Egypt: FTI

Mon, Jul. 17, 2017
CAIRO – 17 July 2017: The Hurghada attack, which has lately resulted in the death of two German tourists, will not affect the tourism movement coming from European countries, especially from Germany, CEO of the Meeting Point Egypt and FTI Egypt, the Germany’s fourth-biggest tour operator, Ali Okda said on Sunday.

Okda reassured people working in tourism sector that attacks and vehicle-ramming incidents have already occurred in a number of European countries, even though they have not affected tourism there.

“Online tourism reservations in Egypt by Germany visitors are still ongoing... and FTI is organizing 70 trips weekly to Hurghada,” Okda added.

He referred that FTI aims to increase numbers of tourists visiting Egypt during the upcoming winter season, declaring that 142 trips are being organized to Egyptian tourists’ spots in November.

Hurghada city has the heaviest share as 102 trips will be organized to there, 26 trips to Marsa Alam city, ten to Sharm el-Sheikh and six to Luxor weekly, according to Okda.

The number of tourists coming from England has increased by 70 percent during the last months, Okda declared. For the first time, a-three trip are being organized weekly from France to Hurghada, this could improve observably the tourist movement coming from France during the coming juncture.

The FTI targets to lure 650 tourists to Egypt by the end of 2017 and pursues reaching one million tourists by the end of 2018.
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