Al-Khatib celebrating his presidency – Courtesy of Hossam Atef Al-Khatib celebrating his presidency – Courtesy of Hossam Atef

Know Al-Ahly’s next board of directors

Fri, Dec. 1, 2017
CAIRO – 1 December 2017: Al-Khatib's electoral list swept the Al-Ahly's elections that were held on Thursday; witnessing the highest voter turnout in the history of the club by 26.66 percent.

The next board of directors will include Al-Amri Farouk as vice president to Al-Khatib and Khalid Al-Darandli as treasurer.

All Al-Khatib`s list won the elections with the following votes:
• President: Mahmoud Al-Khatib – 20,956 votes
• Vice President: Al-Amri Farouk – 19,923 votes
• Treasurer: Khalid Al-Darandli – 21,857 votes
• Member (Over 35): Khaled Mortagy – - 22,912 votes
• Member (Over 35): Mohamed Al-Damatti– - 21,412 votes
• Member (Over 35): Rania Elwany –- 21,017 votes
• Member (Over 35): Ibrahim Al-Kafrawy – - 21,007 votes
• Member (Over 35):Tarek Kandil – - 19,642 votes
• Member (Over 35): Gohar Nabil -18,760 votes
• Member (Under 35): Mohamed Gamal El-Garhy –- 20,783 votes
• Member (Under 35): Mohamed Serag El-Din– 19,658 votes
• Member (Under 35): Mohanad Magdy- 19,122 votes

The strong competition between Al-Khatib and former Al-Ahly`s president Mahmoud Taher ended with a margin of 7,774 votes.

Al-Khatib has been a member of the board of directors of the club, the treasurer, the vice president and the club’s president after a long history of serving Al-Ahly as a player starting from 1972 to 1988.

Bibo, as Al-Khatib is commonly known in the club, needed exactly 10,592 days, after his retirement in December 1, 1988, to be the Red Devils’ president in December 1, 2017.

Al-Khatib was voted the Arab Sportsman of the 20th Century and is the only Egyptian to win the African Player of the Year – awarded at the time by French magazine France Football in 1983.
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