Salah celebrating his goal against Watford – Liverpool FC Facebook Page Salah celebrating his goal against Watford – Liverpool FC Facebook Page

Salah: I would play as Liverpool on the PlayStation

Sun, Aug. 13, 2017
CAIRO – 13 August 2017: Mohamed Salah, Liverpool’s winger, spoke to Sky Sports on August 12 about his return back to the English Premier League.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Salah talked about his decision to become a Liverpool player along with talking about his admiration for Liverpool ever since he was young. Salah ended his talk by saying his opinion on becoming Liverpool’s most expensive transfer.

Salah stated, “It is a great club (Liverpool FC). It was a dream for me when I was young to play here one day. When I had the chance to come, I was thinking about whether I should stay in Rome or move here because when I was young, it was a dream to me, so I took the decision to come here,” citing from Sky Sports.

Salah continued, "I would always play as Liverpool on the PlayStation so I am happy to be here now. As a child, I loved to be playing with a team like Steven Gerrard, Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher. I liked the team and the way they were playing. I was seven or eight years old so I was playing just to enjoy myself,” reporting from Sky Sports.

Salah concluded, “I am not thinking too much about being the most expensive player in the club's history, I just want to play football, I want to enjoy it and I want everyone around me to be happy and I want to be happy so that is the most important thing for me,” according to Sky Sports.

Salah managed to score a goal and give Liverpool a penalty kick in his first game with Liverpool in the English Premier League against Watford on August 12. The match ended in a 3-3 draw.
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