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Klopp: The board decides whether to sell or keep Coutinho

Sat, Aug. 12, 2017
CAIRO – 12 August Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s manager, spoke on August 12 about the updates of Liverpool’s attacking player Philippe Coutinho’s transfer to FC Barcelona.

Talking to the reporters in the post match conference of Liverpool’s 3-3 draw against Watford, Klopp addressed the recent news regarding Coutinho’s transfer to Barcelona. He answered the claims that said Klopp was upset from Coutinho along with talk about his decision to sell the player.

Klopp said, “If I was upset, I'd tell the player himself. I didn't get it (the transfer request) but I can say something that's more important,” citing from Liverpool Echo.

Klopp continued, “As a manager of a football club, I have bosses. That decide, for example, just in general, if we sell a player or we don't sell him. Then I have to accept it,” according to Liverpool Echo.

Finally, Klopp talked about whether Coutinho negatively impacted the team’s morale with the transfer request that the player submitted on August 11.

Klopp concluded, “I am not part of the discussion with the group. There are enough people who can talk about that. I'm not part of it,” reporting from Liverpool Echo.

FC Barcelona has been looking to buy Coutinho ever since the Brazilian winger Neymar left FC Barcelona to join the French club Paris Saint-Germain. Moreover, Coutinho has shown his will to join FC Barcelona after submitting a transfer request on August 11 to Liverpool’s board, according to Sky Sports.
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