Laporta attacks Barcelona board – Reuters Laporta attacks Barcelona board – Reuters

Laporta reveals Qatar’s relations with Barcelona problems

Sat, Aug. 12, 2017
12 August 2017: Juan Laporta, former Barcelona president, revealed on Saturday Qatar’s effect on Barcelona conflicts in the last few years since they started sponsoring the club through Qatar Airways, Laporta said to AD Sports.

“Barcelona’s board had personal gains with Qatar that caused many problems inside the Catalan club,” Laporta stated to AD Sports ahead of Barcelona’s match against Real Madrid on Sunday in the Spanish Super Cup.

Laporta added, “There are many suspicious deals between the club’s board and Qatar; the proof is Barcelona ex-President Sandro Rosell being in prison for suspicious deals.”

Laporta is known among Barcelona fans as the mastermind of Barcelona’s revolution that led to the club’s dominance over European football.

Qatar sponsored Barcelona from 2010 till 2017 through the Qatar Foundation and Qatar Airways.

Laporta signed many great players for the club, including Ronaldinho, Dani Alves and Samuel Eto’o. He is also known for his commitment to the club’s principles.

Laporta has been accusing Barcelona’s board of the club’s destruction.
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