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World leaders become refugees in Syrian artist paintings

Wed, May. 31, 2017
CAIRO – 31 May 2017: A Syrian artist depicted some of world leaders as refugees and beggars in paintings that attract media outlets globally for the artistic creativity view, that none of other painters have thought about it before.

Through depicting world leaders as vulnerable refugee, carrying children and holding up family pictures, the Syrian painter Abdallah el-Amry tried to reflect sorrows and pains of Syrian people who are facing war and conflicts in their country.

Titled The Vulnerability Series, U.S. President Donald Trump was shown as the absolute opposite of what he is now. He was appeared to be a refugee carrying his child and luggage and fleeing from fighting in his country.

Tyrant Syrian president Bashir al-Assad and power man Russian president Vladimir Putin were depicted in Al-Amri's paintings as homeless men begging for money.

The paintings include also other leaders such as former U.S. President Barack Obama, German chancellor Angela Merkel and North Korean Kim Jong-un, who is shown in the appearance of a child.

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