Fashion designs by Cottonball Company Fashion designs by Cottonball Company

Cottonball makes use of Egypt's gift to the world

Tue, Sep. 4, 2018
Founded in 2013, Cottonball was conceptualized and created out of a need for high quality basic apparel, which wasn't available in the market at that point. By creating Cottonball, we created a brand that would make use of Egypt's gift to the world, its high-quality cotton, to make what we like to call "Quality Necessities and Bare Apparel".



Instead of focusing on adorning our apparel with logos and designs, we focus on the product itself, on the material. Additionally, Cottonball is a means for the Egyptian cotton industry to thrive both locally and internationally. We support local manufacturers and provide job opportunities to a lot of Egyptian families working for Cottonball with the aim of expanding internationally to bring back the glory of the Egyptian cotton industry.

In a nutshell, Cottonball is not just an apparel brand, it's a lifestyle concept promoting quality and comfort in everyday apparel.


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