HUAWEI nova 3 - photo courtesy of the official Facebook page HUAWEI nova 3 - photo courtesy of the official Facebook page

HUAWEI nova 3 series—the Devices for the Young and Daring

Fri, Aug. 31, 2018
Ah, youth. Ever filled with spontaneity and the unknown, youth to some could be all happy and sunshine, but for some, it could be laden with thorns and disappointments. But what matters most is that you live your live to the fullest, and in your own terms. As a series is made for the youth, HUAWEI nova Series concurs—it knows what it means to be young, to be wild, and to be true to oneself. The line-up recently saw the launch of its newest entry: HUAWEI nova 3 and nova 3i.

The HUAWEI nova Series doesn’t just embody cutting-edge craftsmanship, but also expresses the wildness and the attitude that a youth should have. Made for youth, the HUAWEI nova Series devices meet and exceed the expectations of young users. And as the new heavyweight addition to the series, HUAWEI nova 3 does not disappoint. It features a new and improved FullView display with barely-there bezels that blend into the screen when the display is off. The shape of the device has also been heavily iterated upon to realize the most comfortable grip, and the materials were meticulously chosen for their quality. None of these design choices were made easily, but in its pursuit to become a device that truly services the needs of youth, the challenges mentioned above are only the tip of an iceberg.

Recently, Huawei announced that it has signed Jackson Yee as its global brand ambassador for the nova brand. This makes Yee not just the first Chinese brand ambassador for the nova brand, but also the first “post-00” ambassador representing the youth-centric brand. The news was very well received in the market. This move enables Huawei to clearly highly the brand positioning of its nova series, and really rein the target audience in for the brand.

The youth desire a fashionable device for themselves. But what is fashion? It’s intangible and irrational, but when something gets it right, it just clicks. The kind of fashion young people chase after changes frequently, but the fashion-forward looks of the HUAWEI nova Series allow it to remain highly desirable.

The new notched 6.3-inch FullView display is stunning to look at, and when it is off, the notch melds seamlessly with the screen, creating a perfect bezel-less look. The screen is secured to a chassis whose length measures at the same 5.5-inch. The double-curved 3D glass is also upgraded, allowing vibrant colors to shine through to the fullest extent.

Of course, the appearance upgrades on the HUAWEI nova 3 series goes beyond the design. The HUAWEI nova 3 is available in Red, Primrose Gold, Airy Blue and Iris Purple, and HUAWEI nova 3i comes with the classic Black & White and Iris Purple. Iris Purple is Huawei’s latest gradient color. When a device is laid flat, the gradient shifts ever so slightly to the dark side; but if you view it from a lower angle, the color lightens back up magically. The gradient color behaves just like the youth—it is ever changing, mysterious and wild.

Looking back at the history of smartphones, manufacturers have always been keen to bolster their product portfolio with differently colored devices. And that has worked in the favor of consumers, giving them additional choice. The HUAWEI nova Series, a line-up renowned for its design, is at the forefront of this color trend. The Iris Purple gradient color available on both the nova 3 and nova 3i evoke feelings of mystery, excitement and adventure. Such a unique experience is only available through the trendy HUAWEI nova 3 series.

When discussing the HUAWEI nova 3 series, it’s hard to not also mention its AI quad camera setup. In fact, having dual front and rear cameras together is a rare sight to behold as it ups the cost of manufacturing significantly. However, for its nova Series, Huawei refuses to settle for less. The HUAWEI nova 3 series continues to offer a quad-camera photography experience. What’s new is that the nova 3 series enhances the cameras with AI, allowing users to effortlessly capture beauty.

In today’s social media-driven world, great photos are sought after by people all around the world, but not everyone has the time to retouch photos before posting. The 24MP and 2MP front cameras allow users to capture themselves in their most natural, most beautiful forms. Users can also opt to beautify themselves after the fact using Huawei’s sophisticated retouching tools to “manufacture” beauty. The tool supports a range of tweaks including whitening, sharpening, brightening and more.

With youth comes the energy to be wild and free. Don’t set limits for yourself, don’t let others restrict your actions. Channel your youthful energy to explore the world and enjoy the ride—and if you need a partner, know that HUAWEI nova 3 series will gladly ride shotgun.
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