Palestinian Charity Bazaar 2017 – Egypt Today/Yasmine Hassan Palestinian Charity Bazaar 2017 – Egypt Today/Yasmine Hassan

Annual bazaar celebrates rich Palestinian heritage

Wed, Dec. 6, 2017
CAIRO - 6 December 2017: In homage to the rich Palestinian cultural heritage, signature crafts, diverse cuisine and immortal arts, the General Union of Palestinian Women in Egypt held their annual charity bazaar on Saturday, showcasing numerous products that capture the spirit of the Arab land and the strength of its women.

The bazaar was inaugurated by Palestinian Ambassador to Egypt Diab al-Loh, who expressed his pride and happiness with the Palestinian women who made it all happen, proving their strength and great contribution to the Palestinian economy.

“This bazaar expresses the spirit of love and fraternity between the Palestinian and Egyptian women, and the spirit of cooperation between the people of the two states,” al-Loh told Egypt Today, stressing that the Palestinian embassy will be working on enhancing this cooperation even further and supporting the role of the “productive Palestinian woman”.

From embroidery work characterizing every city, to delicious Palestinian dishes, signature silver crafts, countless depictions of the Palestinian map, paintings, oil and olives from Rafah and Arish, folk dance and music, and much more, the bazaar gathered dozens of Egyptians and Palestinians in Egypt for a special day dedicated to the rich Palestinian civilization.

“We take care of every small detail in the Palestinian heritage … which will always keep Palestine in our spirit, heart and mind,” said Gameela el-Baroodi, an Egyptian married to a Palestinian and residing in Egypt. She came to the bazaar with a large variety of signature Palestinian embroidery works from all cities, including scarves, dresses, skirts and shawls, combining both traditional and new creative stitches.

“We are supported by great women who contribute their effort and time with us to keep the Palestinian heritage always alive,” el-Baroodi told Egypt Today, giving homage to the members of the union and all participants in the exhibition.

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