Home Office- by Namair pixabay
Home Office- by Namair pixabay

Working from home or remote locations

Fri, Oct. 13, 2017
CAIRO - 13 October 2017: Is working from home or other remote locations making employers happier with their jobs and making them work effectively?

According to Time magazine, Cardiff University made an analysis that concluded “employees who work from home or other remote locations are happier with their jobs and may even work harder than those in the office.”

However, like everything working from home has its pros and its cons. According to the analysis the pros of working from home are;

● You do not need to commute.
● Being flexible in your working hours.
● Less distractions.
● Stress free.
● Saving money; you do not need to buy lunch and you do not have to pay for transportation.
● Improve your lifestyle and work.

Although working from home does have great advantages, it also have disadvantages;

● It is lonely; you do not communicate with anyone.
● You do not get to learn from you peers.
● Relationships will be harder to form.

When you decide if you want to work from home you have to put into considerations the type of work you do. For instance, if you are a doctor you cannot work from home, but if you are writer you can. The advantages and disadvantages of working from home is not enough for you to decide to work from home or not.
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