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YouTube’s new secrets

Sun, Oct. 8, 2017
CAIRO – 8 October 2017: YouTube changed its look this summer to a new fresh one. That is not all. YouTube added new features to their website and mobile application, making the video platform even better.

According to Time website, there are four useful features recently added to YouTube people might have missed. Here they are:

●To rewind or move forward, double tap on the video: Double tap to the left or the right on the video will move it backwards or forwards in 10 second increments.

●To speed up the clip or slow it down: This feature is added on the phone application. While watching a video on your phone, tap on the video once, then tap the triple button icon in the top right corner to select playback speed.

●To preview a video before you watch it: This is a desktop trick. Try hovering over the video's thumbnail by your mouse, and you will see a quick preview about the YouTube video.

●Related new videos on your mobile: You already have this feature on the desktop; now, it is your phone. While playing in fullscreen mode, you can tap screen once while the video is playing and list of recommended clips will appear to you.
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