Photos courtesy of Cairo Jewelry Photos courtesy of Cairo Jewelry

et Jewelry Designer of the Week: Cairo Jewelry

Tue, Sep. 12, 2017
Cairo – 12 September 2017: In the past couple of years, fashion blogging and YouTube has become a major outlet for spreading fashion trends. As social media made it easier for designers to post their collection and sell their products online, one of the jewelry designers that emerged from that medium is Cairo Jewelry.

Photos courtesy of Cairo Jewelry

Cairo Jewelry is an Egyptian brand designed by Sally Abd el-Mageed and Menna Abd el-Mageed. Both of them studied fine arts for five years. Throughout the five years of their studies, they were exposed to different cultures that inspired the brand they created.

Photos courtesy of Cairo Jewelry

The Abd el-Mageed sisters fell in love with fashion at a young age, when they would draw many sketches related to fashion. However, they were most attracted to the magical fantasy of jewelry and its design.

Photos courtesy of Cairo Jewelry

The first thing the sisters designed was a unique geometric bracelet; they also offer custom designs. The materials they prefer to use are beads, copper fur, genuine leather, silver, gemstone, and crystals.

Photos courtesy of Cairo Jewelry

Inspired by architecture and international fashion shows, the duo include new techniques and unique designs using sophisticated materials.

The two sisters are launching a new design called “Harness” soon. They also have plans for a MENA launch and a global launch.
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