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Laughter Yoga workshop in Cairo

Thu, Aug. 10, 2017
CAIRO – 10 August 2017: Laughter yoga is a body and mind exercise that is based on general breathing techniques to teach the body how to laugh without relying on jokes. It was developed in 1995 in Mumbai, India by Dr Madan Katani.

Laughter yoga is for everyone; People of all ages. People don't have to be happy or have a sense of humor to join in the class.

Laughter has many benefits some of which are decrease in stress, depression, tension and it also helps to elevate your mood.

So if you want to give laughter yoga a try, there is workshop taking place in the 5th settlement on August 10th from 2 pm-8 pm, and another on August 11th, 12 from 11:00 am to 6:00pm.

For more information visit their event page on Facebook:

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