Bozoma Saint- Screen shot Bozoma Saint- Screen shot

Uber new chief brand officer

Tue, Jul. 25, 2017
CAIRO – 25 July 2017: In every field, you will find pioneer women ruling the world with their great minds and self-confidence; that is why companies throw themselves on such women, making their best offers in order to hire them. One of these women is Bozoma Saint. Saint is born on January 21, 1977.

Uber reached out to Bozoma saint, one of Apple's marketing superstars, to help them fix their public image. Saint became the Chief Brand Officer at Uber, after she had been a marketing executive at Apple Music; Saint's task is to make people love Uber as much people love Apple or more.

According to Business Insider, she has everything under control and she sees a really good opportunity and future in Uber.

The thing you might not know is that Saint is a working mother, she has two daughters; that makes her Chief Brand Officer at Uber in the morning and a super mother at night.

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