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The Modist launches in Arabic

Sun, Jul. 16, 2017
CAIRO –16 July 2017:

The Modist

, the premier online destination for luxury modest fashion, has launched in Arabic. The entire site, is dedicated to women who dress to express their style in a contemporary, fashionable and modest manner, is now available for shoppers both in English and Arabic. This milestone represents The Modist’s commitment to modest dressers worldwide.

Being the first global online destination for luxurious modest fashion after its launch in March 2017, shipping to over 120 countries. It provides a meticulously curated, high fashion platform for women whose personal dressing choices span all ages, faiths, cultures and ethnicities

The Modist embraces a way and style of dressing that takes into account a certain form and sensibility, featuring collections curated for those who have a modest approach to dressing; The Modist considers and prioritizes length of sleeves, hems, necklines and opacity for a contemporary take on modest style.

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