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Luxor African Film Festival to be extended

Sun, Feb. 24, 2019
CAIRO - 24 February 2019: The South Valley University and Luxor African Film Festival decided to extend the festival to be held in the university located in Qenna.

A group of stars will visit the university, including Lebleba, who will be honored by the South Valley University; Salwa Mohamed Ali; Tarek Abdel Aziz and Sabri Fouad.

Vice President of the university Mohammed Badran announced that the artistic forum in Qenna will come in conjunction with the festival’s events in Luxor.

A series of short and feature films will screen at the open theatre of the university for students of different universities participating in the artistic forum, which runs from March 16-21.

Numerous workshops and artistic symposiums will also be held by the festival’s president, Sayed Fouad, in the faculties of Tourism and Hotels, Fine Arts, Computer and Information Sciences, Alsun, Antiquities, in South Valley University in Luxor.

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