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Jackie Chan to shoot 'Vanguard' in Dubai

Tue, Feb. 19, 2019
CAIRO - 19 February 2019: World famous star Jackie Chan has arrived in Dubai to start filming his new movie “Vanguard”. This is his second film project in Dubai following his first experience in 2015 “Kung Fu Yoga”.

According to a statement made by Dubai’s Cinema and Television Committee to Gulf News, Chan is scheduled to start filming “Vanguard” at the end of February.

Filming Chan’s new movie will take place in numerous hotspots in Dubai, such as Dubai’s City Walk, and Dubai’s Downtown.

“The committee is pleased to announce another major Chinese movie to be filmed in Dubai, in cooperation with Shanghai Lakes Entertainment Company Limited and Alcatraz Ltd in Dubai,” announced Gamal al-Sherif, the head of the committee.

The new film is the sixth collaboration between Jackie Chan and director Stanley Tong.

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