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Egyptian Media group to produce documentary about Hemdan’s death

Tue, Dec. 11, 2018
CAIRO – 11 December 2018: Al-Hayat and ON TV channels will present on December 13 a documentary entitled "Mabny lel Maghoul" about the mystery that surrounded the death of acclaimed Egyptian geography scientist Gamal Hamdan, the author of "Shaksyet Masr" (The Personality of Egypt) Encyclopedia .

Produced by Egyptian Media group, this documentary is the first television investigation into Hamdan's mysterious death.

People close to Hamdan spoke in this documentary, including his brother Abdel Azim Hamdan, as this was the last television interview he made before his death a few months ago; and veteran Egyptian writer Youssef el-Kaaed, who was a close friend to Hemdan.

Hamdan’s documentary is part of a series of investigative documentaries titled "Mabny lel Maghoul" about mysterious endings that have not yet been revealed.

Gamal Hemdan: Egypt's Faithful lover

CAIRO - 11 December 2018: Gamal Hemdan is an Egyptian writer, researcher and geographer born in Qalyubia Governorate on February 2, 1928. Hemdan joined Tawfiqiyya secondary school, where he started to realize his passion for geography. He then joined the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Arts in Cairo University.

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