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Ministers, ambassadors to attend ceremony marking Ramses II statue sun alignment

Sat, Oct. 20, 2018
CAIRO, Oct 20 (MENA) - The Ministry of Antiquities has invited a large number of ministers, ambassadors of Arab and foreign countries and public figures to attend a ceremony that will be held on Monday to mark the Ramses II solar alignment phenomenon at Aswan's Abu Simbel Temple.

Within the framework of the celebrations, participants will make a tour of Abu Simbel Temple and attend a sound and light show. They will also be invited on a dinner banquet that will be held besides Lake Nasser, a statement by the ministry said on Saturday.

At dawn Monday, the guests will gather at the ancient temple to watch the phenomenon which coincides with the 50th anniversary of the completion of a project for rescuing and relocating the temple, the statement added.

The ministry stressed that a large number of ambassadors and cultural advisers have widely participated in several archaeological events in Egypt, citing the recent inauguration of Miho cemetery in Giza’s Saqqara necropolis and the world peace forum which is currently held in Saint Catherine city.
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