Rula Zaki: Star Maker Season 1 "1st runner-up"

Mon, Nov. 25, 2013
Where Are They Now? Talent shows are a huge hit with audiences all over the Arab world — but where do the winners and top finalists go after the season ends? Egypt Today catches up with some of the best loved contestants to see where they are today.
By Yara El-Narsh
  On being part of Star Maker Star Maker gave me great exposure to a much larger audience. Before Star Maker,I won many awards like the Arion Music award and the Grand Prize at the Cairo International Song festival, but people who might not have seen me perform or heard me on radio were able to know more about me after Star Maker. On support from the talent machine It’s thanks to Tarek Nour and Star Maker that I got lots of offers to sing at big corporate functions and events. I performed at many embassies and events, so Nour called me to ask if I could join and sing that song for Star Maker and sing for the Vodafone ad. After that I sang the Nestle ad too. On where she is now Now I already have a best-selling album at Virgin Megastores and have some singles that are out on radio. I am recording new songs for an album, and a children’s album in Arabic that includes a children’s song called “Salaam li kol tefl fil haya.” I am the voice of Ariel and Cinderella in Disney’s Arabic versions and am also working on a joint English album with Polish composer and guitarist Anderjez Citowicz. I sing in 13 languages and that helps me reach more people around the world. I hope to use this along with my voice in spreading love, peace and understanding.
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