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“Altook Walaswera” play debuts on Al Salam Theatre

Sun, Sep. 23, 2018
CAIRO – 23 September 2018: As part of the events and shows presented by the Cairo International Festival for Contemporary and Experimental Theatre in its 25th edition, the play “Altook Walaswera” (Collar and Bracelets), produced by Al Talea Theatre Group, is going to participate within this year’s program.

The play was granted Best Directing Award in the festival’s eighth edition in 1996; however, this year the show will be played as part of the festival’s celebration of the silver jubilee. The celebrations for the silver jubilee will take place on Sept. 19 and 20 on Al Salam Theatre at 9 p.m.

The play revolves around the poor families that reside in Upper Egypt. The show illustrates the daily struggle and agony of the deprived families, who therefore turn to myths and black magic to solve their problems. The play also sheds light that such beliefs do not lead to good and that education in fact and good living is the solution to their problems that occur because of deprivation.

The play is written by Yehia Taher, starring Fatma Ali, Mahmoud al-Zayat, Martina Adel, Ahmad Tarek and many more. The show is directed by Nasser Abdel Moneim.
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