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Bruhlvitzia: ASwiss window on the Arab world

Thu, Sep. 6, 2018
CAIRO – 6 September 2018:The Swiss Embassy is expected to celebrate the 30th anniversary of founding the office of the Swiss Cultural Foundation, Bruhlvitzia, in Cairo, on September 10, right before the show “You and Me”performed by the Swiss theatrical groupMummenschanz.

The celebration will be held in the Cairo Opera House.

Mummenschanz is a Swiss mask theater group who perform in surreal masks. Founded in 1972 by Bernie Schürch, Andres Bossard, and Italian-American Floriana Frassetto, the group became popular for playing with bizarre masks and forms, light and shadow, and their subtle choreography.The name Mummenschanz originates from the German term "mummery" or a play involving mummers.

Since its opening in 1988and for three decades, the Swiss Cultural Foundation office in Cairo has been the only sponsor of the Swiss cultural presence in the entire Arab region. The office is operating from within the courtyard of the Swiss Embassy in downtown's Abdel KhalekTharwat Street.

The Swiss ambassador to Egypt is expected to give a speech right before the show. Frassetto will also get honored during the ceremony for founding the unique theatrical group, Mummenschanz.
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