Press photo: Minister of Tourism Rania al-Mashat with Disney characters Press photo: Minister of Tourism Rania al-Mashat with Disney characters

Tourism Min. welcomes Mickey& Minnie in Egypt

Wed, Sep. 5, 2018
CAIRO - 5 September 2018: Egypt’s Minister of Tourism Rania Al Mashat on Wednesday expressed her pleasure over the return of Disney Live shows to Egypt, inviting travelers from the entire world to the country to watch the entertainment show at the covered hall of Cairo Stadium.

“We are very very happy with the return of Mickey& Minnie at Disney Live “Doorway to Magic” to Egypt,” the minister tweeted on her official account few hours ago, announcing that the ministry is planning to launch Egypt’s entertainment calendar in 2019.

Mashat held a press conference on August 28 to announce the return of Disney shows to Egypt, under the auspices of the Ministries of Tourism, Investment and International Cooperation.

As Disney is a global brand known to almost all age groups in large and small countries, bringing it to Egypt will show that Egyptian people are open to different cultures thus paving the way for partnership and cooperation around the world, said Mashat during the press conference.

The guests, amongst which was the Regional Vice President for Feld Entertainment in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (producer of Disney World shows), Stephen Armstrong, and Chairman and CEO of the Organizing Company in Egypt, Mohammed Amer, were welcomed by Al Mashat, and were telling the audience that hosting such events is a great indication of the security and stability of Egypt.

Armstrong also expressed his company’s readiness to get back to business with Egypt for this offer and for the offers yet to come their return was being discussed these past few years.

After the absence of these shows from Egypt for about five years, the minister explained that they are currently trying to work on making recreational activities, festivals and on bringing icons that are widely known for entertainment.

Disney is an entertainment-based company but through the coordination of ministries hosting such events, it will also inevitably improve tourism.

In terms of the state’s support, Al Mashat explained that when governments approve or fund these shows, it gives a positive international impression that supports further cooperation with Disney because these are all positive advances for Egypt in tourism and culture.

For those ready to buy tickets and those who want to hear about all the shows, there will be 23 Disney shows in Egypt and tickets will be sold starting Sept. 1 through the company’s website.
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