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Mekky, Nabil releases ’Shokran ya Mama’ on YouTube

Sat, Sep. 1, 2018

CAIRO – 1 September 2018: The famed Egyptian rapper and actor Ahmed Mekky and the Egyptian singer Nehal Nabil released their song ‘’Shokran ya Mama’’ (Thank you Mum) on Youtube on Tuesday, August 28.

‘’Shokran ya Mama’’ achieved more than 500000 views in less than 48 hours from its release. The song words show gratitude to the vital role of mother in our live, thanking her for all her sacrifices.

‘’Shokran ya Mama’’ is written by Ashraf Soliman and distributed and composed by Shady El Saeed. ‘’Shokran ya Mama’’ is the second song for Mekky in 2018 after his song entitled ‘’ Akher Sha’awa’’ (Very Naughty).

Mekky graduated from the Cinema Institute in Egypt with a degree in directing. After he graduated he started his career by producing short films such as “Yabanee Asly” (An Original Japanese). He also directed “Al-Hassa Al-Sab’a” (The Seventh Sense) in 2005

He also participated on several television productions such as “Lahazat Harija” (Critical Moments) and “Tammer and Shawqiyah.” Mekky started his acting career in “Tammer and Shawqiyah,” then in his own films and series such as “El-Kebir Awi” (The Big Boss). Additionally, Mekky writes rap songs and uploads them to the Internet via his official Facebook account. Mekky is the brother of the Egyptian actress Inas Mekky.

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