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Lebanese star Elissa defeats cancer

Tue, Aug. 7, 2018
CAIRO – 7 August 2018: Lebanese star Elissa finally defeated Cancer.

The singer always appeared lively and beautiful on stage and in the numerous video clips she released throughout her musical career.

The fans were always oblivious to the fact that the super star was fighting a fierce battle with cancer.

The star decided to keep her struggle secretive and only exposed it to the public through her new music project and video clip; “Ela Kol Eli Beyheboni” (To All Those Who Love Me).

The singer explains her agony and struggle through acts in the video clip, eventually exposing how she overcame the struggle with breast cancer through the support of her family, friends and loved ones.

Elissa found abundant support from friends whom she thanked dearly, commenting that they are the reason why she managed to defeat the deadly disease.

The star assured that the video clip is how she decided to thank the people who gave her support in any way during her struggle.

Lebanese singer and actor Maya Diab commented on Elissa’s struggle saying: “Surely, it was hard.”
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